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Hi! I'm Kelsey and I founded Ditch the Scale Program (DTS) I know how it feels to dread my next meal out of fear of what gastro-intestinal symptom might ensue afterwards or to be glued to the scale and to feel out of control when left alone with my pantry.


I went to countless doctors, spent thousands of dollars on weight-loss treatments, exercise programs, diets, cleanses, and supplements that all promised to give me my desired body. I felt totally helpless and didn't even know where to begin to regain control of my health.


That's when I began my journey of finding a unique set of tools that would change my life forever. I made it my mission to help women like me who were obsessed (knowingly or unknowningly) with their weight and dealing with an array of food sensitivities.


I've done all the wrong things and right things and created a program that is designed to combine the winning combo of the body's bio-individual needs, intuitive eating, and nutritional therapy to help women get the same freedom that I now have!


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"Look down at your body, whisper: There is no home like you." - Rupi Kaur

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  • 12 weeks of custom meal plans

  • Weekly 1-on-1 sessions

  • Library of Resources: Grocery lists, Dirty Dozen, Pantry Clean-Out.

  • Constant Support via WhatsApp

  • Access to video trainings

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